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Mental Health, Vientiane

Improving the lives of people with mental illness in Vientiane Province

Origin of the project

Laos has less than 200 health personnel trained in the field of mental health, including 70 general practitioners with additional training and only one qualified psychiatrist. Only two medical units in the country, both located in the capital Vientiane, can receive patients at night and treat emergencies. These means are insufficient to meet the many needs of people with mental illness: medical care, belonging and participation in their community, access to education and income-generating activities, information, support, etc…

It is with the only Lao psychiatrist, Dr. Chantharavady, that the SFE is preparing to pursue a project initiated by this same doctor with the NGO Basic Needs since 2014.

Objectives of the project:

  • Strengthen the capacities of mental health actors in Laos
  • Improving medical management of mental health
  • Creating Opportunities for People with Mental Illnesses
  • Contribute to research and the consideration of mental health in local and national policies

Main activities:

  • Train the medical teams of the districts and partner health centers in mental health
  • Make psychotropic drugs accessible to trained physicians.
  • Identify and regularly visit 300 patients with mental illness in their community.
  • Train communities, families and caregivers of people with mental illness. Contribute to raising public awareness of mental illness.
  • Train people with mental illness in agriculture, income-generating activities, or enable them to access school or vocational training.
  • Collect data on mental health in Laos.
  • Advocate for free care in district hospitals for people with mental illness.


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