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At the service of the underprivileged populations in Laos 

The Service Fraternel d’Entraide is a French NGO which has been implementing rural development and health projects in Laos since 1998.

Our commitment is for the long term, our representatives are qualified professionals who learn the language and culture so as to be close to the Laotians in order to respond better to the issues encountered.

Our identity in three words :

Service — We wish to be at the service of the people of Laos while respecting local cultures. We accompany our co-workers and Laotian partners, transmitting expertise, adapted technologies and skills. All of our work is done in the spirit of mentorship.

Follow  — We share the daily life of our partners, following the projects and the people on the field, helping them to build fraternal relationships with each other. We think that structure and projects should follow the needs of the people. Our will is to follow-up/promote the social inclusion of all human beings without without discrimination of gender, ethnic origin, religion or philosophy.

Empower — Together we can build a future. We choose to collaborate with the local authorities and beneficiary population, to empower them as our partners, encouraging real exchange and cooperation, rather than unilateral aid. We desire to empower people and rural communities in Laos


Healthy families in thriving communities


Strengthen health care and enrich lives in rural communities.


Our approach is

  • Holistic – the individual is at the centre of our projects as he has the potential to change his community. All the aspects of his life are taken into account and situations are addressed as a whole.
  • Participatory – the needs expressed are transformed into collective action, with the support of our teams.
  • Sustainable – transmitting knowledge impacts a whole life and the life of others. That is why we invest in key people capable of acting and motivating their community.
  • Professional – qualification leads to progress more rapidly. Through lifelong learning programs or access to qualifying trainings, we reinforce local competencies for an impact on the whole society.
  • Local – side by side, we learn from each other and build together in trust and mutual support.


The SFE is based on Gospel values lived in daily life.

It aims for a holistic approach, which englobes all of life’s domains, physical and spiritual, individual and community, and is characterised by the following values.

SFE’s core values

Compassion towards all, in particular those who are suffering or destitute, and without distinction of race, religion or social status. This concern is visible in particular by the priority given to the most underprivileged regions or ethnic groups.

Concern for justice and the right for everyone to a dignified and responsible life by favouring new resources on the family level and enabling access to healthcare in particular for the poorest.

Pursuit of peace between groups or people within a diversity of cultures and convictions.

Respect of partners, of the populations concerned, of their cultural and religious identity, of their dignity as peoples and individuals.


About us

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