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Nursing School – Attapeu

Support to the Attapeu Nursing Training Institute:
for a quality education accredited by the Ministry of Education

This project aims to improve health services by strengthening the quality of the provincial education system.

Duration: 2020-2023


Among the priority needs of Attapeu province, the provision of quality and proximity health services is at the top of the list because in some parts of the province, inhabitants have to travel long distances to access to care services. The increase in health infrastructure requires more trained medical staff. In response to this growing need for qualified nurses, a nursing training institute has been created under the impetus of doctors and nurses from Attapeu Provincial Hospital, who have benefited from the medical training curriculum developed by the SFE during its five successive hospital support projects in Attapeu. This training institute can receive between thirty and forty students per year. The curriculum provides for 2 years of study to obtain the nursing diploma. Currently, this institute is not accredited by the Ministry of Education because it does not meet all the formal criteria and the diploma granted by the institution is not officially recognized. The managers of the institute have contacted SFE, as a former partner, to develop a project to support medical education in order to raise the level of teaching at the training institute to the national academic standard. The possibility of a new partnership was seen as an opportunity for the SFE to continue its involvement in the Province.

The Objectives

  • Improve the quality of teaching and the management of the training institute
  • Obtain national accreditation of the nursing education institute
  • Improving access to quality education through equal recruitment

Some activities

  • Teaching teams will benefit from pedagogical and medical trainings to improve their curriculum while developing their ability to deliver academic content. Training in English as well as research will be provided.
  • Infrastructures will be improved to allow good learning conditions, in particular a practical room and a library will be created.
  • The administrative team will be trained in management and administration to improve the organization and coordination of departments, budget management, rules and internal procedures of the institution.
  • Scholarships are offered to enable candidates from disadvantaged families to access this training.
Project sheet (PDF)


  • About ten teachers and five administrative staff
  • About a hundred students (the equivalent of 3 promotions)

Local partners

  • Attapeu Nursing Training Institute
  • Government – at the national as well as local level
  • Provincial and districts hospitals

Empowerment and sustainability

The project is the result of a request from those in charge of the Training Institute who approached the SFE, as a former partner, to develop a project to support medical education.

The Ministry of Health and the Department of Health at the provincial and district levels were involved in the creation of the project and supported it.


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