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You can contribute with your donations

Institutional financial partners do not cover all the needs, and we need private donations.

  • In France, the SFE is recognized as being in the public interest, and your donations are tax deductible (up to 66%). You will receive a certificate at the end of the year.
  • In Switzerland, you can deduct your donations from your tax return by making your donations through our Swiss partner, the SME.
  • In the USA, your donations in $ through our partner MRDS is also taw deductible.
    Please specify Account Designation Code: SFE-Laos.001.
  • In Canada, your donations in CAD through our partner MRDS-Canada is also tax deductible.
  • You can make your donations online via Hello Asso (tax certificate for France only), or by bank transfer. See our bank accounts.

Organize an event to let people know more about Laos and the SFE

You can organize a meeting in your community, your city or your company. We will be glad to assist you and send one of our collaborators or someone who used to work for SFE in Laos.

Sponsor a project

A good idea is to submit a project to be sponsored by the company where you work. We will help you put together the documents needed and introduce the SFE and Laos to the people/the foundation in charge.

Bank accounts

France / Europe

Crédit Agricole Franche-Comté
Agence de Montbéliard-Centre (20004)
FR76 1250 6200 0456 5113 6920 278


Service Fraternel d’Entraide (SFE)
CCP 17–316305–5
N° IBAN : CH02 0900 0000 1731 6305 5


1162 St-Prex
CCP N° 12-1401-1
(please specify «for SFE»)
IBAN: CH79 0900 0000 1200 1401 1
(This SFE account allows the deductibility of the income tax return for the taxes in Switzerland)


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Une création Sandro Matera et Benoit Maigret

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