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Access to healthcare and rehabilitation for people with disabilities in Attapeu

Working towards reducing inequalities by providing access to care, training and community living for people with disabilities. After a study phase, this project will enter its practical phase in July 2023.

Why this project?

A study carried out in 2021 in 8 villages in the province of Attapeu showed that about 4% of their inhabitants have a disability. Among the disabilities identified, physical activity limitations are the majority, with 50% of people having mobility problems and not being able to carry out daily tasks such as dressing, washing, going to the toilet and even eating.

These people revealed that they do not have access to appropriate care because medical staff do not pay attention to them or do not know how to take care of them. At the village level, they are mocked and often excluded from village activities.

In collaboration with its local partners, the SFE has developed the Better Together project, which aims to improve the daily life of people with disabilities through better care in health facilities by providing infrastructures adapted to their physical constraints and needs and a population that is better aware of and trained for their inclusion in daily life.


  • People with physical disabilities in 8 villages in the Sanamxay district have better access to appropriate health and rehabilitation services, resulting in better health, improved functioning, greater independence and increased well-being.
  • Health services are more inclusive of people with disabilities and accessibility of medical facilities is improved 
  • Increased community awareness of equal rights (including gender), and in particular of disability inclusion and access to health and rehabilitation.


  • Improving technical skills of physiotherapists through training
  • Providing better equipment and care for people with disabilities in the Rehabilitation Unit of Attapeu Hospital
  • Improving people with disabilities’ standard of living (toilets, drinking water)
  • Improving access to buildings and facilities in hospitals and health centres for people with disabilities
  • Raising awareness on the rights of people with disabilities

Local partners

  • Lao Ministry of Health, Healthcare Department, Rehabilitation Division
  • Lao Disability People Association (LDPA)
  • Aid and Development Fund (ADF)

For more details about the project, see the fact sheet.


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