News 2011

News 2011


AttapeuSaydonkhong”>Community Development Project

Mosquito nets received from the German embassy

Mosquito nets are an essential prevention tool against Malaria. The SFE community health development project received funds from the German Embassy to buy 550 long-lasting treated mosquito nets. These were distributed in all 10 project villages last December.

A visit to a remote village

On June 6, 2011, the Saydonkhong village health station, situated in the <lang=”fr”>Attapeu province, was officially opened. Building process took four months with much effort, as work had to be completed before the rains which came early this year making access roads to the village impassable. But the result is really convincing! The SFE has supported this project by providing materials and a team member to supervise the villagers during construction.

Discover road conditions at the beginning of the rainy season in this video clip (8 ‘)

Construction of the Saydonkhong health centre: Video clip (4’40 “)


Tuberculosis Project

Following the success in the <lang=”fr”>Attapeu province the proposed fight against tuberculosis has been “exported” to the neighboring province at the request of the provincial hospital in the Sekong province. So on April 28, after two years of preparation, the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for the first phase of the project was finally signed, for a period of three years. HAUT DE LA PAGE



On July 19 Elise Nelson and Celiowith their children joined the SFE. They are studying Lao in Vientiane until early November, before joining Nathaniel Rediger on the Kapu Rural Development Project.


On July 8, the Lebreuil family returned to Switzerland after two years working in the SFE headquarters in Vientiane. The SFE is considering the future of the rural development project (now mainly focused on sericulture) and how it can be diversified. In this context, Sophie Hege, an agricultural student came ina and provided valuable assistance in serving a six months period on the Kapeu farm.