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My teacher moved to Laos

My teacher moved to Laos

Here is a beautiful book for all, young and old … from Laos and elsewhere, in a bilingual French and Lao edition. You will discover a bit of the Lao way of life and the delicate writing style of this singing language.

Dawn Marie Lewis was a teacher in the US for 10 years before moving to Laos in June 2018 to begin work as a development worker in a project with SFE.

The following year, Dawn wrote the book “My Teacher moved to Laos” to bridge the distance between life for children in the US and Europe and life for children in Laos. 

This book highlights aspects of everyday life form a child’s point of interest. The whimsical watercolor and ink or oil drawings capture the essence of rural life in Laos, including daily aspects such as food, toys, school life and home life, with an emphasis on access to clean water, which children in developed countries may not be aware of.

Written in English and Lao, or French and Lao, the main text is simple and appropriate to younger children, while additional information is incorporated as subtext on every page, making each page accessible and interesting for children and adults of all ages.

In this way, you are participating in the TerraCare project, which is changing the lives of many families in southern Laos through access to clean water.

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Ordering the book

To order a book in Lao and English in the US, use this link to send an email with your details to the author.

To order the French-Lao version (Europe), use the form below,

Suggested price: 12 € or 13 CHF, including postage


Make the payment online through our donations page, according to the following modalities:

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