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A source of affordable protein

A source of affordable protein

How can people increase the protein content in their diet, as well as their sources of income, in a country like Laos where certain populations are experiencing major malnutrition?

To do this, the SFE’s collaboration with the French NGO Dynamic Actions (DA) has made it possible to co-produce an educational booklet in Lao, accessible to villagers, teachers and students, a project coordinated by Philippe Aureille of DA.

This booklet presents a proven method for the sustainable production of crickets for consumption. It helps in a simple way to set up and develop livestock farming. It describes the construction of the breeding cage in a very easy way. He explains how to feed insects with local ingredients and low-cost feed supplements. It details the egg-laying cycles and then gives advice on harvesting and culinary preparation.

These instructions not only enable the poorest villagers to easily obtain protein but also to obtain additional income through an Income Generating Activity.

The booklet was printed on July 31, 2020 in Vientiane.

Livret élevage de grillons (PDF)

English version (PDF)

A cage locally built
In Laos, toasted crickets are a real treat
The bugs eat leaves and transform them into proteins, accommodated in eggs cartons

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