21 September 2017: Closing ceremony of HCSP in Sekong Province

Clot HCSP 3On the 21th of September 2017 SFE had the pleasure to organise the closing ceremony of the Healthcare Strengthening Project in Sekong Province. It was the opportunity to review the progress done in supporting the healthcare system in Sekong Province during the three years project. The authorities and the healthcare workers were both very happy and satisfied by the work done by SFE in training Healthcare workers, supporting healthcare infrastructure and supporting the administrative work in the hospital. During the project a total of 170 training activities were done, ranging from one day on-site training to long-term training (support for nursing Bachelor and continuous medical education). Thanks to the training of a team of trainers we were able to support a training program in every hospital of the province on a weekly basis.
In collaboration with the authorities, we are currently preparing the second phase of the project which will be launch next years. Our aim is to empower communities, Health centres and hospital towards delivering better Healthcare for better life.

Clot HCSP 1 Clot HCSP 2

Start of Integrated Rural Development Project in Thateng Province

Cérémonie d'ouverture The Integrated Rural Development Project is starting its second phase. The Memorandum of Understanding was signed on 11 January 2017 in Thateng. The objective of the project is to sustainably improve food security in the 12 target villages by 2019 by building the capacity of local actors for an autonomous and improved response to food insecurity. To this end, the project will focus on training and knowledge transfer, particularly in the fields of agriculture, water and sanitation, nutrition and hygiene.


Cérémonie d'ouverture SFE thanks the authorities at district, provincial and central level for their agreement and thanks donors who have already confirmed their support for the project (Tear Australia, Australian Aid, Entrust Foundation). Other donors are considering support for the project.

Ban Kapeu, essai de culture du riz 2015

Des essais ont été mené en 2015 dans le cadre du Projet de Développement Rural Intégré (PDRI) dans le but de faire connaitre et tester une variante adaptée de la méthode SRI (Système de riziculture intensive) en conditions réelles locales (en terme de la main d’oeuvre, de moyens financiers et de ressources naturelles disponibles) ainsi que démontrer l’augmentation du rendement de la culture de riz SRI par rapport au rendement moyen de la région.

Le rapport de cet essai est disponible ici: SFE – Essai de riz SRI 2015