Our team in Laos

Expatriate voluntary workers with SFE in Laos

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Famille Nussbaumer

Thomas and Lydia Nussbaumer Joakim (3-Dec-2013)
Axel (14/08/2015)
Zoé (29/12/2016)
Lucy (14/06/2018)

Thomas Nussbaumer is the Director of SFE in Laos since June 2017. The family Nussbaumer arrived in Laos in February 2014. Thomas and Lydia have wored for the Community Agriculture and Development Project. Thomas is a water and environment engineer. He has setup the activities related to water and irrigation, and managed the project as of May 2015. Lydia is a teacher. She is working at the planning and implementation of the education sector in the project.
Thomas and Florence Steffen
Thomas and Florence Steffen
Thomas and Florence arrived in Vientiane on September 15, 2019. Thomas in charge of administration at office management in Vientiane. Florence performs some tasks related to the needs of the office.

Attapeu – Community Health

David Mallow David is an engineer, and works in Attapeu since January 2014. He brings a technical support to the Community Health Development project manager. He is in particular in charge of the development of latrines and water system in the villages.

Sekong – Hospital project

Ruth Marcasi Ruth is a nurse from the Philippines. She came to Laos in 2010 and worked in the training programme for nurses in our medical project in Attapeu. After having joined the team in Sekong for a similar work in the framework of the Tuberculosis Project, she is involved in the Sekong hospital project since October 2014.
Famille Probst
Arnold et Monika Probst
Anais (19/11/2013)
Simeon (13/10/2015)
Matthieu (17/03/2019)
Arnold and Monika Probst, a medical doctor and a midwife from Switzerland, arrived in Sekong in October 2016 after a stay in Vientiane for learning the language and an introduction to the culture. They work in the Sekong hospital project, of which Arnold is the responsible expatriate.

Thatèng District, Sekong Province
Community Agriculture Development

Dawn portrait
Dawn Lewis Dawn Lewis, from the United States, has already worked in Laos some 10 years ago. She arrived in June 2018 to take the reponsability of the community development project in Thatèng.


Limtag and Micah Suluen
Annie Rose (28/09/2013)
Noah (13/06/2015)
Israel (27/09/2016)
Arrived in April 2017, Limtag et Micah Suluen, agronomist and trainer, are in Pakse for learning the language and an introduction to the culture before working in the Community Agriculture and Development Project.

Salavan – Health Education and Development Project


Colin and Alison Dudgeon Colin and Alison Dudgeon, administrator and nurse/midwife, arrived in Laos in May 2017. They both work in the new project in Salavan. Colin supports the Lao project manager in the administration of the project, of which he is the responsible expatriate. Alison is training personal mediacal at the hospital.
Aude Keovongkhot-Grosrenaud Vanh provides technical support to the project in the area of agriculture and in water and sanitation for the project in Saravan. As he is Lao, his perfect knowledgr of the local culture is a real asset for SFE.
Aude is a nurse. She takes care of the training of medical staff and health voluntary workers in health centers and villages. She has 6 years of experience in medical work in the context of underpriviledged area of Laos.

Previous co-workers who returned home recently

Sophie Hege Sophie Hege has returned to France at the end of 2018, after 3 years and a half of servie as an agronomist for the Community Agriculture and Development Project
Jonatan Mueller Jonatan has returned to Germany in November 2018. He served nearly for years as an agronomist in the Community Health Development Project team in Attapeu.


Stéphane and Aimée Berger Arrived in November 2016, Stéphane and Aimée, nurses, have worked in the preparation and the start-up of the health and education project in Salavan. In between, they have served as trainees in the Participative Community Development Project in Sekong province. They returned to Europe at the beginning od 2018.
Étienne and Laure-Lise Moret Étienne has been in charge of the admnistration sector. They have worked in Laos from December 2014 to May 2018.Étienne still support the office online.
Nathanaël and Marie-Joëlle Schildknecht
Matteo (4-Feb-2010)
Alissa Keo (20-Oct-2011)
Luca Khamdee (20-Jul-2013)
Nathanaël has been the Director of SFE in Laos since July 2012. Marie-Joëlle helped to welcome newcomers and in communication. They have worked in Laos form November 2010 to June 2017.
Esther Rauen Dietitian with a master in international health, Esther arrived in Laos in February 2010. She is now coordinator of the Community Health Development Project in continuation of our long term medical involvement in the province. She has left Laos in December 2015.
Nathanaël Rediger Nathanaël Rediger arrived in Laos in August 2009. He lived in Sekong province and has been technical coordinator for the second phase of the silk development project in the province. Since August 2013, he has been in charge of the new Community Agriculture and Development Project. He worked in Laos from August 2009 to May 2015.
Celio and Elise Nelson Noah (18-May-2009) Sarah (6-Jul-2010) Isaac (4-Aug-2013) Célio has been helping Nathanaël Rediger in the coordination of the Community Agriculture and Development Project, and was in charge of the project administration and logistics. Élise has been exploring new projects and was in charge of the liasing with the donors. They worked in Laos from July 2011 to April 2014.
Christian and Nathalie Poschung Nathalie has been in charge of the Tuberculosis Project in Sekong province, and involved in quality control in different laboratories in the provinces of Sekong andAttapeu. Christian was in charge of the logistics of these projects, English teaching and IT. They have worked in Laos from January 2011 to April 2014.
Luc and Floriane Niess Maya (3-Mar-2009) Hugo (2-Feb-2011) The Niesses are back in France since July 2012 Luc is a nurse, involved in our medical project in Attapeu province Floriane is a mid-wife. She works in the follow-up of obstetrics and gynecology as well as in the Mother and Child Care Programme. They have been in Laos since September, 2007. Luc became executive Director in June 2010.