September 20th 2016: closing ceremony of CHDP in Attapeu province

Clot CHDP 1

More than 50 dignitaries gathered together in Attapeu to review and celebrate the extraordinary work accomplished during the past three years in the “Community Health and Development Project” (CHDP) in Attapeu province.
clot CHDP 2Not only the impressive breadth of activities done in 15 remote villages in Attapeu province ranging from health, water and sanitation to agriculture and environment but foremost the deep gratitude of villagers for the work done by the SFE-team marked the audience; the village chief from Daknong, a remote village in the Attapeu mountains, put these facts and feelings into a moving speech. He closed with a bright smile, expressing both, a big “thank you” as well as the grief to see this partnership with SFE to come to an end.
clot CHDP 3As soon as the third phase of this project will start, our SFE-Team will continue his daily efforts to instill hope for the future in many other villages of Attapeu province that have not yet had the opportunity to collaborate with SFE like the village Daknong.