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Stories of Change

WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene)

Since we have been using the latrines, we notice that we are less sick. “(Water, sanitation, hygiene)”

MMr. Puam, village of Thon Nyea, Sekong province Puam, village de Thon Nyea, province de Sékong

“My village was very dirty and we often got sick. It was with the SFE project that we started to improve our daily life. We understood the importance of putting animals in pens, digging holes to put our rubbish in, drinking clean water, and keeping our environment clean. Also, since we have been using the latrines, we notice that we are less sick. Our village is now a nice place to live.”

Sustainable Agriculture

Throughout the year, my family hasn’t been starving.”

Ms. Nevone, Sathue Nua village, Sekong province

“Before the SFE came to teach us new farming techniques in our village, we didn’t know much about farming. Since I’ve been using all these new techniques, my family and I are no longer short of food.

My rice production has increased and I still have beautiful vegetables in my garden. Throughout the year, my family hasn’t been hungry starving. My neighbours see the changes in my practices and want to imitate me.”

Community Healthcare

I am the first woman in my village to have given birth in a health centre.”

Ms. Si, Kathang village, Salavan province

“I am the first woman in my village to have given birth in a health centre. Normally, we hide to give birth at home alone, but on the day of my delivery, I was encouraged to go to a health centre by people from SFE. I went there and I’m glad I was accompanied by medical professionals to welcome my little girl Thida, who was born without any problems. Since my experience, the women of my village go to the health centre to do their pregnancy follow-up, to give birth and for post-delivery care.”

​Disability and inclusion

No one was paying attention to Meng and then the teachers decided to invest in his education.”

Ms. Indakham, Education Advisor for the SFE, Sekong Province.

While we were in the school of Tumnio, we met Meng, a 12-year-old girl with an intellectual disability. She was happy to go to school but nobody paid attention to her. The teachers didn’t understand that she was important and that she was also part of the community. As SFE education counselors, we intervened, explaining that Meng had qualities and that she was making a unique contribution to the community. We gave her school supplies. The teachers then saw the value of this young girl, understood the importance of her education and decided to invest in her education.


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