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Some of our expatriate workers have accomplished some scientific research in the course of their missions in Laos. Dr. Günther Slesak has namely published serveral interessant articles. Several studies have also been conducted during the Atapeu.medical project.


Studies conducted in Attapeu

  • Health status of villagers  in rural Attapeu Province, Lao  PDR, with a focus on risk factors for intestinal helminth infections – A doctoral thesis study conducted by Susanne Linck
  • Participation to a study conducted by the Swiss TPH (Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute) about resistance tu Artemether (an antimalarial for the treatment of multi-drug resistant strains of falciparum malaria.(Unpublished),
  • The bleach method improves the detection ofpulmonary tuberculosis in Laos (downloadable PDF)
  • A sudy on the treatments of  opistorchis viverini
  • Participation to a study on unspecified fevers in the hospital (in cooperation with Luang Namtha project)

Studies conducted in Sekong


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