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SFE has roots in a long story of cooperation starting with two young Swiss fellows arriving in Savannakhet province in 1902. This was the start of the Swiss evangelical mission which worked in Laos until 1975.

It was notably well known for its work among people with leprosy, the most rejected people in these old times. A special village was created to treat and welcome them in the province of Champassak. A district hospital was also created in Paksong, Song-Khone district, Savannakhet province, in 1970.

After 1975, a delegation of this Swiss mission, renamed SME, visited Laos every year, finding way to help the country with short-term projects, financed by the Swiss organisation Bread for All.

In 1989, SME help building a district hospital in a newly established district of Sonnabury, 70 km East of Savannakhet, and send a British-Lao nurse for a year of training of the personal.

From 1996 to 1998, on the request of the Ministry of Health, SME partnered with the French CMMF to prepare a new medical project in Attapeu. SFE was officially created in 1998 and it’s first project started with a French medical couple, Philippe and Raymonde Klopfenstein, to support the provincial hospital in Attapeu.


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